Machiners: Infinity LeArnIng

There was an idea...

To bring a group of remarkable EESTECers together.

The name of that group…

The Machiners

LC Xanthi’s mightiest EESTECers.

A threat to all known technologies has come to take over. Its goal is to replace all the traces of the existing technology with offsprings of its own. Humans call it Artificial Intelligence and students tremble of fear in its classes.

This December, it is up to the Machiners, to stand their ground against AI and its ally, Machine Learning, and break it down to its simplest components. Their plan of action was simple, yet crucial. They knew that in order to beat AI, they first had to know how to think like AI. And so their long journey began...

The Infinity LeArnIng

However, they could never bring down such a powerful foe on their own. And they were never alone. The bravest of the professors of Xanthi’s University, along with some distinguished researchers, came to their aid and prepared a fearsome academic plan that would strengthen the Machiners. They would be introduced to the basic concepts of Machine Learning, in order to understand the procedure of training a machine, they would work on some hands-on experience, analyzing use cases of both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, while developing the corresponding code. Finally, they would attend lectures regarding the applications of Artificial Intelligence and conduct relevant case studies.

But, as you all know… AI is not going down easily.

The Machiners now, more than ever, need your help.

Throughout the week you will have to collect the six Infinity Skills, Regression, Classification, Neural Networks, Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforced Learning, in order to deeply understand the way Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence work, empower your team and win the battle.

It all goes down from the 8th until the 13th of December, in the beautiful and mysterious alleys of Xanthi, the city of 1000 colours, the meeting point of several cultures and the junction between the East and the West. Your quest will be accompanied by an amazing combination of endless Greek and EESTEC spirit, tasteful traditional food and memorable moments.

Are you ready to join us?

Are you ready to become a Machiner?

Are you ready to Assemble?

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