EESTech Challenge

  • What is EESTech Challenge?

    It’s an EESTEC International project which is open to students from cities where Local Rounds will take place. The focus and the topic of the competition will be chosen annually. The topic for 2016/17 was Machine Learning and for 2017/18 Big Data. The competition consists of Local Rounds (LRs) and the Final Round. Local Rounds can have two approaches of the implementation:
    • An online round - The task solutions would be submitted online to the website platform provided by EESTEC International;
    • A live round - Committees can organise a live solving of the task in a fixed time slot.

    The judges for LRs should be company representatives and professors. Winners of Local Rounds will pass to the Final Round, where they will compete with their colleagues from other LCs for the winner of the competition by resolving the final task given by the company sponsor(s).
    • Q&A Sessions
    • LC Applications
    • Call for OC of Local Rounds
    • Webinars
    • Local Rounds
    • Final Round

    There are also ambassadors representing every LC of EESTEC, who promote EC on local level.

  • EESTech Challenge in Xanthi

    LC Xanthi has organized its first local round on March 2018.